September: Self-Awareness Month

Sept copyAre You Ready for September?

Did you know that September is officially known as Self- awareness Month? Each person is gearing up for something, such as school, work or life (a.k.a. reality). While it is never easy to evaluate oneself, doing so now can provide you with a chance to start fresh by spotting self-sabotaging habits or tapping into opportunities for growth. The key is to be open versus critical of your behavior. Remember, becoming self-aware is the first step to finding solutions—a win-win situation!

What Should You Change?

Most people feel a bit overwhelmed in September, so it may be difficult to pinpoint specific problems. On the other hand, you gain a competitive edge by taking the time to pinpoint areas where positive changes, once identified, can be put into action. Self-awareness leads to recognizing what you may be doing to add to your stress level (e.g., taking on too many projects), as well as external pressures like staying in a negative work environment or relationship that hampers your feelings of personal fulfillment.

Where is Your Support System?

Humans are social creatures and it helps to be surrounded by caring people apart from the unconditional love of your pet (although that helps too). Still, if you have competitive peers, or your family is highly critical, you may be better off finding those who support you outside of your social circle. Everyone needs to vent upon occasion and feel free to be themselves without being the Rock of Gibraltar. Hang out with friends and family who validate your worth as a person.

How Do You Change Old Habits?

The steps toward becoming self- aware begin with distancing yourself to observe your behaviors. For example, you might notice whether you tend to be more of a negative or positive thinker. Do you see possibilities, or just reasons why something won’t work? Do you look for the best in others, or the worst? How about in yourself? Do you fill your day with so much busy work that there’s no time to think? Finally, how often do you nurture yourself or focus on the best parts of your day? Answering these questions can open the door to a new way of being. For more help, check out the link between how an optimist and pessimist differs.

Changing whether you see your life as half empty or half full can really make a difference.

Optimists Vs. Pessimists

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