What do you need to do to achieve your goals in the entertainment industry?

headshot-2The answer is different for everyone. Whether you are a professional, an aspiring student or a contestant on American Idol, you want to give your best performance. Easier said than done! Many things can sabotage your career.

As a specialist in Performance Psychology, I am here to help you succeed with tips, resources, and books. You can also schedule personal Teletherapy & Performance consultations, lectures and workshops.

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Sources of Occupational Stress:

Eating DisordersI have to diet because I’m too fat
InjuriesMy instrument no longer works
PerfectionismI’m never ‘good enough’
BurnoutThere’s no more joy in my work
Stage FrightPerforming terrifies me
CelebrityI feel exploited and lack privacy

Lights, Camera, Action!