How to Choose a Vocation: Multiple Intelligences

MultipleIQ copyWhat’s Love Got to do with It?

Ever wonder why you chose your particular vocation? Sure, luck, timing and opportunity all play a role in our choice. However, your eventual selection usually matches your unique form of intelligence. That’s where love comes in.

Many dancers say that bodily expression feels as natural to them as breathing. According to Dr. Howard Gardner, author of Multiple Intelligences, this is due to your innate ability to express yourself through movement—kinesthetic (physical) intelligence. It’s also central to performers who must watch, imitate and recreate what’s laid before them, such as the “born” mimic or the musician who’s using fine motor control. Dr. Gardner describes seven other types of intelligence that we all share to varying degrees. These include linguistic, logical, musical, naturalist, spatial, and two personal intelligences that help you understand the motives of others and to know yourself. Comics and actors like to express themselves through words, whereas a musician or singer has a special affinity for the sound of music. All artists use their personal IQ’s to figure out what other people want, and interpret a role by using their innermost feelings. Why is this important? Because it’s the reason you feel passionate. You are tapping into your unique mix of intelligences.

Like any performing artist, you need to know what your assets are and to capitalize on them. So pay attention to your natural strengths. They’ll help you as a performer now, as well as aid you in finding a satisfying profession after your eventual retirement from the stage. Unlike the Tina Turner song, love has a lot to do with it! Especially when it comes to your vocation.

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