Books by Dr. Linda Hamilton

dancers-wayThe Dancer’s WayThe New York City Ballet Guide to Mind, Body, and Nutrition

Linda H. Hamilton, Ph.D., and New York City Ballet

NYCB’s proven wellness program helps all dancers reach their potential and prevent injuries in today’s extreme choreography by providing the five keys to peak performance and the Company’s physical screenings.

“The Dancer’s Way is the complete companion for anyone who wants the body, mind, and spirit of the dancer-a true athelete. I think I will make it required reading for all of my Broadway Gypsies”.

Jerry Mitchell, Tony Award winner, director and choreographer of Legally Blond: The Musical

advice-for-dancersAdvice for Dancers – Emotional Counsel and Practical Strategies

Linda H. Hamilton, Ph.D.

In this original and unprecedented book, Dance Magazine’s famed Linda Hamilton offers dancers of all ages, types, and levels of skill the same kind of advice and understanding they have come to trust from her popular monthly column.

“The advice and information in this book should be considered the “gold standard” for anyone involved in the dance world. Linda Hamilton covers all the necessaary elements in a dancer’s life, and all dancers can benefit from the practical strategies she recommends to reduce excessive stress, whether it is mental or physical.”

Marika Molnar, PT, director of West Side Dance Physical Therapy

person-behind-the-maskThe Person Behind The Mask. A Guide to Performing Arts Psychology

Linda H. Hamilton, Ph.D.

A ground-breaking book that takes the reader on a vivid journey into the performer’s private world, where personal insecurity often wages an unsuccessful battle against the stresses of the profession.

“This is a marvelous book, in many many ways, and a great pleasure to read. Dr. Linda Hamilton’s “first career” began with dance lessons at the age of eight, leading to the prestigious New York City Ballet. […][S]he began her “second career” at Adelphi’s clinical psychology program. She has specialized in clinical work with performing artists, while publishing numerous research papers, as well as a monthly advice column for Dance Magazine. These diverse threads are all beautifully woven together in The Person Behind the Mask.”

Division 10 Newsletter, American Psychological Association